Free Youtube Vlogging Masterclass

Master the basics of vlogging for YouTube

Free Youtube Vlogging Masterclass

We are inviting you to join!

Divergent Thinking will be delivering a free online vlogging masterclass that is hosted by Media Trust, in partnership with Jack Petchey Foundation, the Evening Standard and Youtube.

Our Vlogging Masterclass is part of the Vlogstar Challenge! 

The Vlogstar Challenge is a unique competition and training initiative run by Media Trust and the Jack Petchey Foundation, in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard that equips young people with the relevant skills for a modern communications age. It aims to harness the passion and creativity of young people and provide them with the technical and communications skills they need to create content, develop their voice and share their passions with new audiences.

From the session you will:

  • Understand the codes and conventions of vlogs;
  • Learn filming fundamentals for smartphones;
  • Learn edit basics on your smartphone.

The workshop will begin by engaging with a wide variety of different vlog types, identifying effective ways to tell a story and engage your audience. This will be followed by filming fundamentals, edit basics and a series of challenges.

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Master the basics of vlogging for YouTube

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