Gina Davis Suing Charity

Gina Davis Suing Charity

In a bid to lower her public popularity, Gina Davis is suing the See Jane Project for stealing her original concept idea to begin the charity.

Davis stated that she came up with the idea in 2004 and alleges that Joseph Kelly and Nancy Gruver, the two named in the suit, were to be the project's fiscal sponsors only.

There are several things morallyquestionable about this.

Charities are essentially supposed to be not for profit, so anyone that would cash in, even sue a charity could possibly be said to have a less than honest character.

Also, the first and foremost idea of starting a charity is to help the people that the charity raises funds for, not toelevate the status, career or business opportunities of those running it.

Good luck to Gina Davis in her charity suing pursuits.One can only hope that the charity isn't affected by a costly legal tug of war.

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Gina Davis Suing Charity

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