Help us to raise funds for 2014 Christmas

Help raise funds for 2014 Christmas for Maputo

Help us to raise funds for 2014 Christmas

“Children of Tomorrow” is a community program located in suburban area of Maputo, capital of Mozambique. This area known as Matendene, are 17 km from the capital. The habitants are those people whom were displaced from the floods of 2000. Despite having minimum basic infrastructure, the area has rural characteristics. The program aims to provide vocational and life skill training for orphans and vulnerable children’s, most of whom have minimum opportunities to learn useful skills. Presently the centre has 70 (seventy) children’s attending , and as result of one research we carried out in the surrounding area there are still more.The activities will emphasize: enabling to reach their full potential by providing psychological, material and social support.

The activities offered include: English training; Music lessons; hygiene lessons; drawing and painting; computer training; dress designing training for girls because among the dropouts, the highest numbers is girls. It is therefore vital they learn such useful skills.

90% percents of the children’s are school going age.They caregivers are very poor. This makes the children difficult to attend the school. Most of them have only one meal per day. They drop from school because of low performance attributed to insecure families, hunger and denial from their community. Some of the children’s help the caregivers to manage small business.

We would like to run a feeding program, construct a brooder house or poultry run for layer and broilers. A single substantially lunch in porridge to increase attendance. Our challenge is to support the more poor children’s in school going age with school uniform and stationary.

34% of beneficiaries attending the program, lives in home without running water and electricity, they do not have access to radio, television, computer and books that enrich and enhance they brain development.

Name Bank: Banco Comercial e de Investimentos SARL,


IBAN: MZ38 000 80000 125 165 90 10 1 80


Adress Bank: Maputo-Mozambique,

FAX Bank: +258 21 307152

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Help raise funds for 2014 Christmas for Maputo

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