Kelly Hu Reef Check Hawaii

Kelly Hu raises funds for Reef Check Hawaii in Honolulu

Gorgeous Kelly Hu is promoting fundraising for Reef Check Hawaii. She just hosted a Luau at the Sheraton Waikiki and also ran the Honolulu Marathon for which she was sponsored $40,000 including $20,000 from her "In Case of Emergency" castmate, Jonathan Silverman and his fiancee, Jennifer Finnegan.

Like tropical rainforests, coral reefs are dying around the world. Mainly due to raised ocean temperatures.

"What they do is really go around training volunteers to survey the reefs and check up on them and make sure everything is intact," said actress Kelly Hu.

"Growing up in Hawaii, the environment has always been important," said Hu. "It's a tropical paradise and we want to keep it that way."

Hawaiian star Jason Scott Lee said, "You see an amazing decline in the diversity of our coral reefs and coastal reef systems."

Olympic legend Carl Lewis said "We need to think about the environment that's taking care of us. I think that the reefs are something that are so beautiful, but it's something that people don't understand because it's underwater, it's over there, it's somewhere else."

Here's Lost star Daniel Dae Kim supporting the Reef Check Hawaii cause.

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Kelly Hu raises funds for Reef Check Hawaii in Honolulu

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