About Jolly People Charity Events

About Jollypeople.com

Jollypeople.com is a Non Profit serving the global community by providing free Event posts to registered Charities. Founded in July 2007 Jollypeople has a proven global presence with a consistently growing readership. Our byword is “Real people, real life, real connections” promoting Charity Events, Jollypeople.com

  • Interests like minded people in joining Events, enjoying and participating in their Community
  • Provides opportunities when people are travelling or working abroad to socialise with like minded people.
  • Provides an opportunity to donate affordable funds, ie. The cost of a ticket, an entry fee.
  • Promotes registered Charities and their workers.
  • Interests people in becoming engaged with a Charity and their work by working with the Charity.

Support the idea of philanthropy, engagement and giving as something we can all do in affordable, realistic ways.

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