Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens plays charity golf tournament

A day after Roger Clemens announced his return to baseball with the New York Yankees, he was on the green teeing off for charity in a golf tournament held at the Plainfield Country Club in Edison, New Jersey.

At the ripe old age of 44, Clemens is having a Sylvester Stallone type Rocky moment believing that he can help the Yankees get back in the winners circle, after their seven year stint outside of it.

And apparently so does Yankees owner George Steinbrenner,

He doesn't care how old I am
Clemens said, when he made his announcement from Steinbrenner's box on Sunday.

He also made it clear in the announcement that his comeback was not financially motivated. Proving just that, on the Monday by not-for-profit-putting.

It is reported that the Yankees will deal out about $26 million to Clemens in a one-year deal.

But financial incentives aside, whether the Rocket is set to make his resurgence either this or next season, the right-handed pitcher won't be starting in the majors, he'll have to work his way up again, via the minor league.

I'm sure a spot of golf did wonders to relieve a bit of the excitement from the previous day's announcement, whilst also raising money for the charity that Roger Clemens was playing the Plainfield Country Club golf tournament for.

Roger Clemens has been a major contributer to charity since 1992, through his own organization the Roger Clemens Foundation.

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Roger Clemens plays charity golf tournament

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