Support for Recovery of Phailin Effected People

Support for Recovery of Phailin Effected People in India

Support for Recovery of Phailin Effected People

Cyclone Phailin is set to hit the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha district of  Odisha and based on the Government warnings, it will affect Vijaynagaram, Visakhapatnam, east godavari and West godavari districts of Andhra pradesh, Balasore of Odisha District mainly.

The very severe cyclonic storm, PHAILIN over east central Bay of Bengal moved westwards and hit by evening of 12th October, 2013 as a very severe cyclonic storm with a maximum sustained wind speed of 190-200 kmph.Cyclone Phailin had a major impact on shelters in the coastal districts, although not impacting concrete (pucca), traditional kutcha (wood, mud, thatch) shelters of the poor and marginal groups.

Subsequent flooding also hit marginal communities more significantly, in cyclone and flood affected districts the Dalit population is between 18% and 22%. There are chronic challenges with regard to water supply (contamination/ salinity), sanitation and hygiene have increased the vulnerability in particular to coastal communities to Diarrhea, water borne diseases, skin diseases for communities that are using contaminated water for their household needs.

The cyclone has had a major impact on livelihoods, disrupting fishing communities through loss of boats and nets, and access to daily wage earnings and severely affecting agricultural and horticultural livelihoods including staple crops, vegetable crops and cash crops.

We have identified 30,000 families  to provide support to these affected population, we request donors to donate Sleeping Mats for the shelters.

RRHEDS is already working in those areas badly need of support for Donors By providing Food, Relief Material, Medicines, etc.

For your help and donation, follow us here

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Support for Recovery of Phailin Effected People in India

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