Volunteer to Help Africa

Join us as a volunteer in Africa and make a difference

Volunteer to Help Africa

Volunteering abroad ? Is it worthy, why choose to go?
Would you like to do some voluntary work ? Do you like working with children or working harder? Then volunteer – come and be part of an exciting project, helping with children in an orphanage, remote area and rural school. EE creates and design programs that have maximum impact on the volunteer and the local community.

Each program is specifically designed to have the greatest affect on all involved, so no matter your duration of stay, 1 week or 6-weeks, you will know and see the difference you have made. Regardless of your stage in life the EE programs will get the most out of you, from student to retiree. Ethical based volunteering is life changing and relevant to all career and personal development.

Where in Africa?

  • Uganda

Africa – the very name says "Adventure!" And at the geographical heart of the African continent lies the extraordinary land of Uganda. Your opportunity to experience adventure while volunteering to serve the people of Uganda is here today! Explore the world's second largest lake, Lake Victoria, and see the headwaters of the mighty Nile River.

EE's volunteers work in our Kids Home , the School and rural Village. A country full of needs in contrast to its wild panoramas, Uganda offers an indelible experience you will never forget. For all its beauty, the needs in Uganda are great. Your Volunteer in Uganda service will make a difference. To Uganda. And to you.

  • Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania and experience life as a Masai warrior in one of Africa's most beautiful and scenic countries. Our volunteer project and cultural exchange in the Masai community can be varied as you want it to be and as flexible. Whether you want to just kick back and take in everyday life with your fellow volunteers and host family or whether you want to get involved with the local school , there is something for everyone here.

As you settle in to community life you can also adapt your experience as the days pass, from spending time with the family to trying teaching for the first time, milking the family goat to joining in with Masai celebrations! And even if you have nothing planned, each day the children will never be far aware trying to catch their house guest's attention!

  • Start Dates: Check dates on link below
  • Requirements: Good English , 17yrs+. No prior experience!


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Join us as a volunteer in Africa and make a difference

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