Ante Up For Africa

Ante Up For Africa

Ocean trilogy's Don Cheadle and poker pro Annie Duke in association with the World Series of Poker, will host the first ever Ante Up for Africa, No Limit Texas Holdem charity poker Tournament.

Ante Up For Africa will have pro poker champs like Andy Bloch, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Hachem and Erik Seidel competing with hopefully cool-handed celebrities like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and James Woods.

There are only three hundred seats available for the tournament and the buy in is $5 000 US, but it's worth every cent. And not just because of the once in a lifetime opportunity to play poker pros and screen heroes, but because 50% of everyone's winnings will considerately be donated to the International Rescue Committee and the Enough Project.

Both of these charities are attempting to deal with the crisis in Darfur. Over the last couple of years the Darfur civil war has caused 200 000 deaths and made 2.5 million people homeless. The Sudanese people must now, after surviving the horrendous atrocities, rebuild their lives whilst living in squalor in refugee camps in Chad and Sudan.

Ante Up For Africa to aid the International Rescue Committee and the Enough Project will be played on July 5 at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Registration opens at 2pm.

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Ante Up For Africa

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