ANZAC Day Charity

April 25 marks an historical time in Australian and New Zealand history, officially named ANZAC Day.

The first ANZAC Day was in 1916, and was marked with ceremonies, services and marches in Australia and across the world.

Wounded Australian & New Zealand Army Core Gallipoli soldiers attended the march in Sydney in convoys of cars, accompanied by nurses.

While the war still embattled, ANZAC Day was used as an occasion for national rallies, recruiting campaigns, and parades for serving members.

Today, the tribute to the ANZACs is commemorated in ceremonies, services and events in Australia and overseas.

It's also used as an opportunity to raise funds for RSLs (Returned and Services League) all over the country.

After the War had begun, in 1915, many soldiers returned home early to face inadequate disability pensions and no ongoing medical treatment. They therefore banded together in philanthropic clubrooms all over the nation and eventually formed the RSL.

The RSL missions are not just to soldiers these days, they have expanded their charity to aid Aboriginal students, the elderly, Australia's neighbouring countries like East Timor and PNG, hostels, nursing homes and much more.

ANZAC Day honours the lives of soldiers who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. By buying an ANZAC Day badge, you're not only supporting the RSL charity but paying respect to those that fought bravely for their values, their lives and an ideal of peace.

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