Flora London Marathon

Flora London Marathon on Next Month

Flora London Marathon

There are just seventeen days left to get puffed up and fit out for the annual Flora London Marathon.

The 2007 marathon's official charity is WellChild but the Flora London Marathon isn't actually a charity event in itself. It's a world-class,professional event attracting competitors the likes of Martin Lel, Paul Tergat and Sammy Korir.

Each Yearrace organizers allocate a huge number of places for entrants to run in support of selected charity foundations, of which there are about 80, including the Guide Dogs, Cancer, Red Cross, Sparks and Oxfam.

And every year they select one or two official charities to run for.This year's chosen charity isWellChild, helping sick children get better.

WellChild have no fundraising target, they are just happy to have a team running for fun, and will readily accept whatever funds are raised through that.

The marathon starts in Blackheath Common, and passes through iconic landmarks like the London Eye and the Tower of London, finishing in Monopoly's famous Whitehall (which I don't think you'll be able to buy, even if you get there first, better check with race officials).

The Flora London Marathon for WellChild is on 22 April.

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Flora London Marathon on Next Month

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