Football Stars match for charity

Football Stars play Charity Match

Football stars Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane will play in 7th the annual Match against poverty.

The exhibition match, a goodwillgame to be played against Portugese Giant SL Benfica, issupportuing the United Nations Development Program(UNDP), for which both Ronaldo and Zidane are ambassadors.

The match to be held on the 25 of January at Protugal's Stadium of Light, will see half the proceeds benefit UNDP anti- povert programs.

The mathc is hoping to raise awareness of the eight UN Millennium Goals (MDGs), that seek to slash a host of social ills, ranging from extreme poverty and hunger, maternal and infant mortality, rectify a lack of access to education and health care by 2015.

"It is only through working together, on the same team, that we will achieve the Millennium Development Goals." Ronaldo siad of the goals.

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Football Stars play Charity Match

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