Leonardo DiCaprio 11th Hour

Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Green Card and Eco-Film '11th Hour'

Leonardo DiCaprio was in Hong Kong yesterday promoting an enviromental green credit card and his eco-film 11th Hour.

The HSBC green credit card is made from environmentally friendly materials, bills are electronically received to reduce paper waste, and the card donates to an eco-charity with every transaction.

The environmental documentary, 11th Hour, is produced and narrated by the award winning actor and has already received a Clarion Award for best feature film.

DiCaprio has a passion for environmentalism, not only did he produce the documentary but he has an online No Plastic Bags Pledge petition, an 11th Hour Action Campaign, environmental CD's for kids and has a number of eco-causes he's involved in.

Leonardo DiCaprio's film, 11th Hour will be released on DVD April 8.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Green Card and Eco-Film '11th Hour'

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