Leonardo DiCaprio eBay Green Team Earth Day

Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with the eBay Green Team for Earth Day!

Starting today, you can bid on auction items from Leonardo DiCaprio. As a board member of Global Green, an organization devoted to greening Americas schools and helping cities combat global warming, Leo has made a commitment to helping Mother Earth by donating items to be auctioned off for Earth Day!

You can even win a chance to meet Leo at the premiere of his newest film! Leos auctions end on April 22, Earth Day so check it out before the auction ends! You can find more information about Leo and his auction here: http://ebay.com/greenteam

The eBay Green Team grew out of a grassroots effort by a small group of passionate employees who wanted to put their environmental values to work. Now, tens of thousands of Green Team members in more than 23 countries around the world are joining in conversations and actions about how to be smarter, greener consumers. They are making small changes in their buying habits like choosing vintage/pre-owned or refurbished when they can, which keeps materials out of landfills and prevents new manufacturing. The simple truth is that the greenest products are the ones that already exist! Check out the eBay Green Team here: http://ebay.com/greenteam Were inviting everyone who cares about the planet to join us in our efforts to be more sustainable consumers! (Post submitted through TDOMF).

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Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with the eBay Green Team for Earth Day!

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