Live Earth Concerts

Live Earth Concerts

On July 7 (07.07.07) SOS is putting on seven concerts in all seven Continents, that will rock on over a marathon 24 hours.

They are hoping to bring together a live and broadcast audience of more than two billion, using the massive world-wide event to provide people with the awareness and education needed to address the global climate crisis.

There will be over 100 acts performing for the concerts including Madonna, The Police, Crowded House, Wolfmother, Eskimo Joe, Pharrell Williams, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol and Snoop Dogg.

The seven Continental concerts will be streamed live via and broadcast on accessible television and radio stations.

SOS believes that we are at a crisis point and that

global warming is the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced...2007 is predicted to be world's warmest year in history
SOS was founded by Emmy Award-winning producer Kevin Wall and is partnered by former American Vice President and An Inconvenient Truth narrator Al Gore (whose anagrammatic letters make galore), The Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Group, MSN and Control Room.

Brazil's concert will be entirely free of charge. You can obtain tickets to any of the seven Live Earth Concerts by visiting the site.

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Live Earth Concerts

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