Freezing for a Cause: The Ladies Who Jump Charity Event

Dive into a daring charity affair where courage meets compassion, making a splash for a brighter tomorrow.

In the vibrant realm of charitable endeavours, one event stands out: Ladies Who Jump. Founded by the indomitable Kirsha Kaechele, this annual fundraiser dares participants to plunge into midwinter waters, all in the name of supporting the 24 Carrot Gardens program. With over $600,000 raised in its four-year journey, this initiative has blossomed into a beacon of community spirit and philanthropy, catalyzing positive change across schools and regions. Join this courageous endeavour and make a splash for a cause that truly makes waves.

Ladies Who Jump is an annual fundraiser—started by our fearless leader Kirsha Kaechele—to raise money for our 24 Carrot Gardens program by recruiting a group and jumping in for some nude midwinter swimming (in style)!

Ladies Who Jump has raised over $600,000 in its four years of existence, which have gone towards funding the program’s expansion into new schools and regions.

In 2023 Ladies Who Jump raised over $300,000!!!

Take the plunge with Ladies Who Jump! Embark on an exhilarating journey and make waves for a meaningful cause—grab your spot now!

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