This week is NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Week in Australia.

NAIDOC Week celebrates Indigenous Australian culture and the contribution that that culture has made to modern Australian.

Australians everywhere are encouraged to participate in NAIDOC Week activities, including the 2007 National NAIDOC Ball and Awards Ceremony, which has consequently already sold out.

The theme for this year's NAIDOC Week is 50 years: Looking Forward, Looking Blak, and the focus city is Darwin.

The NAIDOC organization began to gather grass roots momentum in the 1920's, originally to fight for Aboriginal rights in the years that followed. As part of NAIDOC (thenknown asNADOC), organizations like the Australian Aborigines Progress Association, the Australian Aborigines League, and the Aborigines Progressive Association drew attention to the living conditions suffered by Aboriginal people and the lack of those people's rights as citizens.

Aboriginal groups today still fight to be heard on issues that are sensitive to them, such as the lack of remorse that Australian leaders have or have not expressed for past injustices.

NAIDOC Week is celebrated in government agencies, schools, local councils and workplaces as well as in the Indigenous community. You can hold your own celebration or join one already organized.

NAIDOC Week will run from July 8 to 15.

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