2024 Children’s Charity Ball Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Building Bridges, Transforming Lives: Together, We Foster Resilience.

Children navigating life’s challenges, from family troubles to school pressures, grapple with emotions beyond their years. It’s crucial to recognize the weight these young hearts carry. Addressing their concerns promptly not only fosters emotional well-being but also lays the foundation for resilient, well-adjusted adults. By offering support and understanding, we pave the way for a brighter future where children can overcome obstacles, thrive, and contribute positively to society.

In response to these challenges, organizations like The Bridge Family Center step in as beacons of hope. Dedicated to empowering children and families, The Bridge provides vital resources, counseling, and community programs. Through their noble efforts, they create a bridge to a better tomorrow, ensuring that no child faces life’s hurdles alone.

As The Bridge Family Center continues its commendable work, the community gathers in anticipation of a significant milestone. Celebrating 25 years of unwavering support, they invite supporters to mark this occasion at their Anniversary Ball on March 09, 2024, promising an evening filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to fostering resilience in the lives of children and families.

Our 25th Annual Children’s Charity Ball celebrates the positive impact the Bridge has on the lives of children, adults, and families who turn to us for care. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, March 9 at our new venue Farmington Gardens. As in past years, the event will feature unique live and silent auctions, dinner and speaking program, and dancing.

Funds raised through the Ball reach far and wide and touch more than 9,000 people who are helped by the Bridge each year. Our programs and services are as diverse as the people we serve. By attending the Ball you will impact many lives, in many ways, every day:

School-aged children will receive the support they need to develop emotionally and socially.
Teens living in our shelters will strengthen their self-esteem.
Young adults will acquire skills and resources to live independently.
Little ones will learn through play.
Couples and families will repair relationships.
Parents will work on reunification with their children.
All of us will benefit from your concern and compassion!

Support resilience in children; register now for transformative impact on lives.

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The Bridge Family Center
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Farmington Gardens
United States
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