24th Annual New York Gala

Unite for Youth: Transforming Lives, Building Futures Together.

In the quiet shadows of homes, children endure a silent battle against the pervasive darkness of abuse. The urgency to address this issue is not just a moral obligation but a societal imperative. By breaking the silence and fostering open conversations, we can create a haven for these vulnerable souls, providing them with the strength to heal and flourish, ensuring every child’s right to a childhood free from the shackles of abuse.

Help for Children stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to eradicating child abuse and its haunting echoes. With a steadfast commitment to prevention, intervention, and support, they are crafting a future where every child can thrive. Their initiatives, driven by compassion and expertise, empower communities to break the cycle of abuse, offering a lifeline to those who need it most.

Help for Children is gearing up for their 24th Annual New York Gala, a beacon of unity against child abuse. In a spectacular evening on May 1, 2024, the gala promises a powerful convergence of philanthropy and advocacy, aiming to raise crucial funds for their impactful initiatives. Distinguished guests and supporters will gather at this event, contributing to a brighter, safer future for the children they tirelessly champion.

Join the Alternative Investment Industry and Help For Children (HFC) at the 24th Annual New York Gala as we continue to prevent and treat child CHILDREN abuse by funding the most effective programs in the Greater NY Metropolitan area, making the world a safer place for children.

Empower children’s futures—register today, be their beacon of hope.

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