25th Anniversary Gala by Mercy for Animals

Compassion Unleashed: Together for a Better World for All Beings.

In the hidden corners of factory farms, animals endure unspeakable cruelty—confined in cramped spaces, subjected to harsh conditions, and denied the most basic expressions of natural behavior. The urgency of addressing this issue lies not only in safeguarding animal welfare but also in acknowledging our responsibility to protect the voiceless. By advocating for compassionate farming practices, we pave the way for a more ethical and humane coexistence with the creatures that share our planet.

Recognizing the plight of animals in factory farms, Mercy for Animals emerges as a compassionate force committed to transforming the landscape of industrial agriculture. Through advocacy, investigations, and education, they tirelessly work to expose and rectify the systemic cruelty animals endure, striving towards a future where compassion prevails in our treatment of all sentient beings.

In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Mercy for Animals invites supporters and advocates to a momentous Gala on April 20, 2024. Recognizing a quarter-century of tireless efforts in animal advocacy, the event promises an evening filled with inspiration, testimonials, and a vision for a more compassionate world. Attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing mission of Mercy for Animals and be part of a collective push towards a kinder and more humane future for animals.

Mercy For Animals is pleased to offer table opportunities for our 25th anniversary gala on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

This unforgettable milestone event will attract more than 600 influential leaders from entertainment and business, as well as philanthropic and animal protection communities around the world. The gala offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with celebrities, journalists, investors, and other high-profile guests.

Please join us for an inspiring evening as we celebrate 25 years of victories for farmed animals and honor those who have made them possible.

Support animal welfare, register now for a compassionate future for all.

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Mercy For Animails
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Rolling Greens
United States
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