4 Ways To Get Your Will Written For Free! 2009: Actually Written

4 ways to get your will written for free!

We all know we need one, but how many of us have actually written a will Would you be more inclined if a solicitor
would do so for free One depressing fact of life I’ve observed: the older you get, the more likely you are to have heard of the latest famous person to have died. Of course, you may think you’re too young to pop your clogs just yet, and hopefully you are. But what if you should shuffle off this mortal coil a bit earlier than expected Are you confident your loved ones would be provided for And with the sobering statistic that nearly one in twenty children loses a parent before finishing full-time education, have you planned who would raise your kids, should the worst happen 1. You decide what happens to your estate First and foremost: If you die without making a will (which is termed dying “intestate”) the law will decide what happens to your estate. Unless your circumstances are very straightforward, this could leave your loved ones with a financial nightmare. 2. You can choose who raises your children
If you have children under 18 it’s vital to plan what would happen to them, should you die – and the best way to guarantee this is to specify guardians in your will.

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