5 Ways To Help Twestival Raise 1 Million

5 Ways to Help Twestival Raise 1 Million

Mashable has partnered with Twestival to promote the world’s largest Twitter fundraising drive.

Here, New York Twestival co-organizer promotes a call to action on the eve of the event. Tomorrow, February 12, over 175 cities around the globe will celebrate and attempt to raise $1 million for innovative non-profit charity:water. Mashable has covered Twestival in-depth in its role as a but on the eve of the event it’s important to put forward five ways you can help by raising funds to support some of the 1.1 billion people in desperate need of access to clean water: The most important way to support Twestival is by buying a ticket to your local event. will funnel every cent of the ticket price direct to charity:water, who in turn will ensure 100% of the donation reaches well building projects. With events in over 175 cities anticipating attendance of over 20,000 Twitter users and their friends, you’ve got no excuse not to be there! The events each have their own organizing team and individual flavor, such as the which is aiming for over 1000 attendees at a flash Manhattan club joining the charity:water team in grooving along to the deeply cool Eclectic Method. Big or small, every event will feature many old and new friends connecting in person through the power of Twitter. If you can’t attend a local event, make a donation via or at charity:water’s Twestival page. Better yet, reach out to your network to see if they’ll donate to the cause.
My highlighted the NYC Twestival’s ‘20/20/20 Vision’, a call to action to: Donate $20 by attending the event, Raise $20 from your network and to tell 20 people in order to spread the word.

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