A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes – Luncheon And Silent Auction Charity Event Chicago 2009

A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes – Luncheon And Silent Auction Chicago 2009

SuperSibs!, a national nonprofit organization supporting children whose brothers and sisters have cancer, is pleased to invite you to A Tribute to Our Quiet
Heroes their second annual luncheon and silent auction to honor mothers of children with pediatric cancer.
This event honors mothers who are struggling to help their families through the emotional journey of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Mothers Day weekend is the perfect time to pay tribute to those women who have done little for themselves since their lives were overtaken by hospital visits and treatment schedules. Our challenge and privilege is to provide a few hours of respite and appreciation for these incredible mothers, while raising funds to support their children, the siblings who stand on the sidelines enduring the devastating impact of pediatric cancer on their family.
For more information and or to register, please visit the event’s website at http://www.supersibs.org/how-you-can-help/special-events-quiet-heroes-chicago.html or contact Suzanne Skala at 847.705.7427 or sskalasupersibs.org
About SuperSibs! SuperSibs! is a national nonprofit organization that supports children whose brothers and sisters have cancer. We honor, support and recognize siblings of children with cancer to help them face the future with strength, courage, and hope. Families of children diagnosed with cancer face profound financial, emotional and physical challenges. SuperSibs! offers free, ongoing services to help brothers and sisters of children with cancer manage through and beyond this challenging live experience. Complementing traditional cancer-related support, SuperSibs! focuses on the emotional healing of these shadow survivors, helping them to feel valued validated, supported and delighted through our programs, activities and outreach. Please visit our website for more information. www.supersibs.org
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