Archbishop Tutu In Atlanta To Help With Charity 2009: Rain Atlanta

Archbishop Tutu in Atlanta to help with charity

Light Rain The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is in Atlanta for work with a local nonprofit and to
preach Monday at a private event. Tutu is the honorary chairman of the Africa’s Children’s Fund of Atlanta, which does work in Africa and here, supplying books and school supplies and tutoring. It also supports housing and health programs. He has connections with the nonprofit and its founder, Victor Mbaba, dating to 2000. The world has become a small place, where people in Atlanta can reach across oceans to help, Tutu said. “The world is interconnected, so what you do in a little corner of the world has global significance,” Tutu said.
The work Africa’s Children’s Fund does is critical because it starts early with young people, supporting their education, training and health.

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