Area Artist Is Quick On The Draw 2009: Larry Klukaszewski

Area artist is quick on the draw

Larry Klukaszewski was recently contacted to do some work for the “Mafia”.
Luckily for Klukaszewski, their interests lie in the fact he also bleeds Black and Gold. “I was hired by the No. 1 Steelers fan club in the nation: The Steel City Mafia,” Klukaszewski said. “I’m painting a Troy Polamalu ball for those guys.” He was hired to paint the autographed ball for the club’s annual Sit-Down Weekend. The event takes place this weekend, the weekend of team’s first preseason game against the Cardinals. “They have people coming in from all over the country,” Klukaszewski said. “It (started) Thursday night. Friday night (was) the banquet.” The ball is from Klukaszewski’s personal collection. “Klu,” as he is known to colleagues, first discussed the project with Chris “Boss Chinstrap” Eger, the president of the Mafia’s Northern California chapter.
“We’d like him to become the official artist of the Mafia,” Eger said. “It’s good to have that connection with the artist himself.”

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