Blue Monday Networking Afternoon

A Powerful DOSE For Enhanced Business Success.

Tamsen Garrie from Mental Health in the Workplace will be giving her keynote presentation: A Powerful DOSE For Enhanced Business Success.

This talk is an introduction to the topic of mental health, which raises awareness of what mental health is, when it’s a problem and how it impacts the brain & body and the workplace, as well as simple things we can do ourselves to proactively minimise the possibility impact of stress, both on ourselves and those we live and work with. Combining current statistical content and concise explanation, Tamsen will equip us with an understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect mental wellbeing, self-awareness and insight into our own mental health status and challenges and the knowledge, skills and confidence to better manage our own mental wellbeing.

Tickets cost 15, including refreshments and a tour of the Brainwave Centre. Book your place now by completing the online form.

About Tamsen

An HR professional with a management background in the corporate sector, with over 12 years experience as a consultant, developing organisations and their people and having run her own mental health practice for over six years, Tamsen is very familiar with the challenges faced by organisations and their people in the modern business world.
Originally qualifying as a psychotherapist over 15 years ago, Tamsen chose to retrain in the modern neuroscientific Solution Focused approach in order to update her knowledge and skills. She now co-owns and runs Mental Health In The Workplace, working in partnership with organisations who want to reduce & prevent mental ill-health and create an environment where people thrive and contribute the best of themselves so the business thrives by default.

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