Burrows Marathon Benefits T2B 2009: Isnt Honeymoon

Burrows marathon benefits T2B

It isn’t the honeymoon they expected, spending a romantic Mexican vacation in the…
Even Windsor musician Jeff Burrows gets tired of rocking — especially when he attempts it for 24 hours straight. The former rhythm-master of The Tea Party and current 100.7 FM radio personality once again pushed his rock stamina to the limits Saturday with his third annual round-the-clock drumming marathon for charity. “It gets really weird. It’s like flying in from Australia or something. You’re completely backwards. And then, tomorrow, I’ll feel like it’s Saturday. Or, uh, Monday.” From 2 a.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday, Burrows played drums with a rotating cast of bandmates at the Blind Dog concert hall on Ouellette Avenue. A few minutes relief between hour-long sets afforded Burrows time for the washroom and nutrition — the latter of which mostly consisted of Gatorade and water. “No coffee,” Burrows insisted. Now a 40-year-old father of three, Burrows said he started training for the feat back in November, running on a treadmill to build up his endurance.
“I wanted to get back to the shape I was in when The Tea Party was touring,” Burrows said. “I’m gonna get back into a little bit of weight training, only because I’m seeing how feeble I’m looking.”

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