CASA’s Nautical Nights Gala

CASA: Anchoring Hope, Empowering Lives Against Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse, a distressing reality for many, involves harmful behaviors within intimate relationships, such as physical, emotional, or financial abuse. It’s crucial to address this issue because countless lives are affected, and breaking the silence is the first step toward offering support and fostering change. By raising awareness and promoting resources, we contribute to creating a safer environment for those facing domestic abuse, empowering survivors to seek help and fostering a society where such behavior is not tolerated.

In the relentless pursuit of combating domestic abuse, organizations like CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) play a pivotal role. CASA stands as a beacon of hope, offering support, shelter, and resources to those affected. Through their noble initiatives and unwavering commitment, CASA not only addresses the immediate needs of survivors but also works tirelessly to break the cycle of abuse, fostering a community where safety, empowerment, and healing prevail.

As CASA continues its tireless efforts against domestic abuse, the spotlight turns to their upcoming fundraising event, the “Nautical Nights Gala” on April 20, 2024. Supporters and advocates alike are invited to contribute to CASA’s vital mission by attending this transformative event. Set against the backdrop of an elegant evening, the “Nautical Nights Gala” promises an enchanting experience, with all proceeds directly supporting CASA’s crucial programs and initiatives.

Ahoy, mateys! Join CASA on an unforgettable voyage: The 2024 Nautical Nights Gala. Mark your calendars, grab your life vest, and get ready to raise anchor for an evening of maritime elegance and adventure.


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CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse)
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Hilton Carillon
United States
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