Charity Concert For Comic Relief (2015)

Charity Concert for Comic Relief (2015)

Live at LICA are delighted to present a unique concert, to raise money for Comic Relief, in Lancaster University’s Great Hall


Featuring the musicians of: The Haffner Orchestra, University of Lancaster Music Society and The Lancaster Singers.

A hilarious performance of well loved classics including:
HANDEL Zadok the Priest
BEETHOVEN Choral Symphony
VERDI Anvil Chorus
VERDI Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

6.45pm Foyer Music

The brilliant musical comedian, Rainer Hersch, has brought hilarity to the world of classical music all over the globe. He has formed a special orchestra and choir for tonight’s charity concert to raise funds as a Lancaster University 50th Anniversary Appeal for Comic Relief. Whether you are a music professor or couldn’t tell a bar line from a bar stool, this is the concert you have been waiting for. Nothing the history of music will be safe!

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