Charity Fight Night Spills Out Of The Ring 2009: Fans Charity

Charity fight night spills out of the ring

FANS at a charity boxing event couldn’t believe their eyes as fighting spilled out of the ring on Friday night.
Boxers and onlookers watched in shock as a scuffle broke out and spectators went toe to toe. The ring-side tussle took place during the Golden Gloves Boxing charity event at the Easterbrook Hall in front of a crowd of over 400 people. The event was held to raise money for the Mark Wright Project &ndash a charity that helps ex-servicemen and women suffering from post-traumatic stress &ndash and was compered by West Sound Lunchtime DJ Gavin Wallace. One eye witness told the Standard: “One of the boxers came into the ring and as that happened there was a commotion in the other corner. “A man outside the ring had a bloody face. There was clearly an altercation. “How he got the bloody face I didn’t see, but he didn’t have it before.
“Then there was a melee and the organisers rushed him out.

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