Cheap Seats Daily Hockey Gets Roidsy Dibble Makes Great Home 2009: Wilson Goes

Cheap Seats Daily Hockey Gets Roidsy Dibble Makes Great Home

Wilson goes for its 17th DCIAA baseball title in a row this week, but without the guy who led ‘em to the first 16.
And that guy, , has some things to say about the state of high school sports in the city in this week’s Cheap Seats. He’s earned the right to say ‘em. Anybody who thinks there ain’t steroids in hockey is a buffoon. The quotes coming out of the Capitals organization all expressed shock that the team was mentioned in , as well as denials of any steroid use by those on the squad. But, please. Just say “no comment.” Of course everybody takes steroids. Even hockey players Hell, yeah. In fact, hockey players were taking them before we knew about baseball players. Call it a Subway series: The Nats completed their reverse-sweep of the Mets with a 7-3 loss. The game featured another disputed video replay homer for NY, when umps ruled that a ball hit to right field actually hit an upper deck sign advertising Subway $5 Foot Longs before falling to earth. The dispute broke open a tie game, and made for great radio and television. Radio play by play man Dave Jageler said the umpires were “the only people in the the stadium who thought that was a home run.” While in the nearby Nats TV booth, Rob Dibble begged to differ. Dibble, who in no time flat has vaulted to the top of my Favorite Announcer rankings, was making the home run call even while the umps were in Citi Field runways reviewing the video evidence. And though his partner Bob Carpenter tried to play homer and say the Mets didn’t deserve the call, Dibble would have none of it. “That was a home run, Bob!” Dibble said. End of discussion. (I don’t know what Dibble saw to be so sure, but it did look like there was a ball-size dent in the Subway sign.)
The Nats are now 13-33. That’s a 117-loss pace.

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