Chris Brown Superstarrsquos Life Changes Overnight 2009: The Associated

Chris Brown Superstarrsquos life changes overnight

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Chris Brown Chris Brown is going to learn the hard way.
It doesn’t matter that, at 19, he’s still just a kid. It doesn’t matter that his career in the past two years has soared to the point that $2,000-a-day Lamborghini rentals are the norm. All of those titles that have been tossed his way — the New King of Pop, the Heir to Michael Jackson, the 2008 Billboard Artist of the Year — they won’t matter, either.
All that will matter if Brown is charged with and convicted of domestic violence against girlfriend Rihanna is that his career will never fully recover. It will always be followed by the asterisk of shameful acts of aggression — alleged, at this point, as Brown has only been booked by Los Angeles police on suspicion of making criminal threats.

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