Colorado Artist Network Does Fund Raiser For Lovewell Institute 2009: Music Creation

Colorado Artist Network does fund raiser for Lovewell Institute

Music is creation.
And the is holding a scholarship fundraiser concert for Lovewell Institute of the Creative Arts’ very first summer program in Denver. The concert features Kailin Yong & Denver School of Arts students. Internationally known, Kailin Yong is a self-described “fiddler for peace.” His uplifting and inspiring compositions are rooted in the exploration of world cultures. The concert will be held on Wednesday, 5/27 from 6:45-9:00PM. The Denver School of Arts is located at 7111 Montview Blvd, Denver, 80220. This concert is for all ages with a $10 suggested minimum donation. Named after Lake Lovewell in Kansas where the program was founded, this intensive summer workshop fosters communication, teamwork, and creativity as students create their own original musical theatre production from scratch in just three weeks. Since its inception in 1989, has conducted U.S. programs in Florida, Kansas, New York, Ohio, and California, as well as in Sweden and Russia. In partnership with Colorado Artist Network, Lovewell now comes to Denver and will be open to all students from grade 6 through 12 in summer 2009.
Lovewell is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and also qualifies as a 509(a)(2), which is the highest level of charity detectable. All proceeds from this event will benefit youth scholarships to the Lovewell Institute for Creative Arts’ Denver summer program.

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