Congregants Take 100 To Help Others 2009: Months Minooka

Congregants take 100 to help others

In a month’s time, a Minooka church helped the homeless, prostitutes, sick children, alcoholics, poor African families, Haitian churches, young unwed mothers, and women
washing clothes at Minooka and Shorewood laundry mats who looked like they could use some extra quarters. And that’s not all. In an ambitious program, The Village Christian Church challenged its members one recent Sunday morning to accept an offer of a gift of a $100 bill. The challenge was to use it to advance the kingdom of God, and they had only 30 days to do it. The only stipulation was that members could not use the money on themselves. Pastor Nate Ferguson said when he heard about the national Kingdom Assignment, he knew it would be perfect for his church. Ferguson knew that whoever would take the challenge would put it toward a good cause. Some members even made their money grow before they donated it.
She also challenged others she knew to drink water as their only beverage for 40 days and donate what they saved on other drinks to the mission.

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