Credo Samuel L Jackson 2009: Sunday 31

Credo Samuel L Jackson

Sunday, 31 May 2009 Jackson: ‘Acting is something I need to do’ I believe…
Acting is something I need to do. It’s a need to be somebody else, which is freeing, and allows me to be comfortable with who I am and the things I go through. In my twenties I was besotted &ndash either drunk or drugged out &ndash but I’ve no regrets. Your experiences have a lot to do with shaping who you become, and some of the dark places I’ve been have helped inform a lot of the things I do on screen. Some actors go through their careers and people can’t name one character they played or utter one line they’ve said. So for me to have that [with Jules in Pulp Fiction] is great. I still get asked to do the "Ezekiel” speech at least twice a week.
I’m mundane. I accept it, I embrace it. I’ve played a lot of self-assured characters who wear cool things, but that has nothing to do with who I am. I don’t go out I don’t dance or do all the other stuff that is part of a Hollywood lifestyle.

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