Crossroads Center for Children’s 2023 Gala

“Autism is not a disability; it’s a different ability.” – Stuart Duncan

In the world of autism, the resilience and unique potential of autistic kids shine brightly. These exceptional individuals navigate a world that may not always understand them, but their journey is filled with untapped talents and boundless courage. Addressing the challenges they face is not just a moral imperative; it’s an opportunity to unlock the extraordinary abilities hidden within them, fostering a more inclusive society that values diversity and celebrates the remarkable capabilities of autistic children.

Crossroads Center for Children stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to empowering autistic children on their unique journey. Through innovative therapies and unwavering support, this charity fosters growth, independence, and inclusion, opening doors to a world where every autistic child can thrive. Their commitment to nurturing the potential within these extraordinary individuals showcases the transformative impact that focused care and education can have on the lives of autistic children and their families.

As we embrace the mission of Crossroads Center for Children, let’s look forward to their upcoming 2023 Gala—an evening of inspiration and philanthropy. This event promises an enchanting night filled with music, fine dining, and camaraderie, all while raising funds to further the center’s vital work. Mark your calendars for this extraordinary gala, where generosity meets purpose on a path towards brighter futures for autistic children.

Crossroads Center for Children’s 2023 Gala.
Silver Anniversary | Gold Future

You are invited.
Crossroads Center for Children presents this year’s gala, to be held on the evening of October 28, 2023 at the Terrace at Waters Edge in Glenville, N.Y. This annual event is held to raise revenue to run the school and its programs that benefit children from all over the Greater Capital Region.

Plan on an extra special evening as we celebrate 25 SILVER years of service to the community, and a vison of our GOLD future!

The success of the evening starts with our generous community! Please show your support by considering one or more of the opportunities below! All opportunities are available via the “JOIN THE PARTY” button below, or using the printable form if you prefer.

Support autistic children’s journey to success—reserve your seat today!

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Crossroads Center for Children
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Terrace at Waters Edge, Glenville
New York
United States
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