Denise Richards Sings At Chicago Cubs Game 2009: Love Celebs

Denise Richards Sings At Chicago Cubs Game

We love celebs that can have a laugh at themselves and have a good time while doing it, as Denise Richards clearly did when
she sang for a charity event at the Chicago Cubs game on Friday (May 1). Read what she had to say about her performance and the gossip columns’ reaction after the jump. Richards was at the event supporting the Kidney Cancer Association, a cause close to her heart after she lost her mother to the disease a year ago. The reality tv star said that despite being nervous about her seventh innings performance at Wrigley Field, she was “ just gonna have fun with it.” Naturally, the gossip blogs have the actress about her vocal technique, with Richards tweeting, “People are trashing my singing. I don’t care never said i could sing! I had fun and we had a great event.”
She added, “People love to hate me sometimes… I’ve been thru hell with the press.”

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