Dog Days with Healing Hearts Rescue

Adopt a dog and start the new year on a healthier note!

Did you know that according to website Go Skills, exercising more tops the New Year resolutions among Americans in 2022?

Yet sadly, according to another site Med One, less than 10% of these aspirations are actually achieved. If you’re living in Minnesota and looking for budget-friendly ways to up your chances of attaining the most coveted yet elusive goal, I have a suggestion to make: attend the next event of Healing Hearts Rescue (HHR) and adopt a dog.

Now you ask, what does having a pet to do with staying in shape? A whole lot as according to CDC, it increases your chances of exercising more.

The HHR is holding a series of monthly events beginning on on Jan 15, 2023 at Lakes & Legends Brewing Company. Open to everyone, the event will run from 2 pm – 4 pm CST.  Click here for a free registration to get your new pup and start the new year on a healthier note.

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Healing Hearts Rescue
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1368 Lasalle Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States
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