Drag Queen Bingo Hosts Charity Event For WEAVE 2009: Enthusiastic Crowd

Drag Queen Bingo Hosts Charity Event For WEAVE

An enthusiastic crowd gathered in the Hamburger Patties located Drag Queen Bingo premises on the 12th of August for their first ever bingo session.
The winners of the bingo session dressed up in drag, in keeping with the theme of the bingo hall, and pranced down a makeshift ramp while the crowd chanted and threw the crumpled up paper bingo tickets at them, in jest of course. Everyone had a great time at the event and the proceeds for the day were donated to a charity organization, WEAVE. WEAVE or Women Escaping a Violent Environment, seeks to provide assistance to those women who have been subjected to domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault. They provide crises intervention services for such hapless women. The event was conceived by Drag Queen Bingo

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