Easy Street Home D195169cor Returns To Downtown 2009: Hernando Today

Easy Street Home D195169cor returns to downtown

Hernando Today Three years ago, the owners of the building at 100 E.
Jefferson St. granted a request from one of the tenants to expand. Easy Street, which previously occupied some of the building, moved a short distance south of the main downtown area to allow for its neighbor to grow its offices. The economy turned sour and the expansion never happened. The space was available again and the store returned, said co-owner Dana Reuter. “We like being downtown,” she said. “This building is better for us.” The extended space includes a solid steel cabinet, an old-style bartending set, a custom-made dollhouse and an entire wall covered with art from co-owner Maria Greene. “This is big, heavy,” Reuter said as she banged her knuckles against the steel cabinet. “It’ll last a lifetime.”
She walked one slow lap around the store and randomly pointed to furniture, pottery, crystals, knickknacks and art pieces.

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