Volunteer in rural community in Uganda, promoting environmental friendly solutions

EcoVillage Uganda’s mission is to promote knowledge and training on environmental conservation and sustainable development for rural communities. The aim is to blend environmentally friendly solutions with traditional farming techniques as practiced by farmers on their families land. In order to ensure it, the association is working with indigenous communities throughout Uganda.

Ecovillage is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fight poverty and help preserving traditional culture through protecting the environment as instilling respect for all life in villages.

Volunteers get to understand the environmental issues Uganda is undertaking in the last years, and to live an enchanting experience in a traditional Ugandan village.

They will learn how to built saving energy cookstove and biogas, manage the fundraising and media activities of the association, meeting with NGOs, corporate officials, government, in order to promote the organization activities and initiatives.

Moreover volunteers will have a taste of the pure African life, cycling through the villages, living with them, and listening to people concerns.

Through the different phases of the project volunteers will learn how to draft an Environmental Conservation Project research, gain a general understanding regarding environment concepts and the best conservation practices, and gain knowledge about climate changes, different tipes of pollution, biodiversity and ecological solutions in Uganda.

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