Eddie Griffin Ferrari Crash

Eddie Griffin crashes a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo


While he was practicing for the Redline Race for a Cause at the Irwindale Speedway on Monday, Eddie Griffin smashed his borrowed Ferrari Enzo almost head on into a wall barrier.
After losing control driving around a tight curve, the Undercover Brother walked away from the smash with no injuries, just an air of inner horror and shock masked over with a calm and comical facade.
The Ferrari Enzo, 1 of only 400 in existence,was damaged beyond repair.
Itwas and still is, now worthlessly, owned by Redline (Eddie’s new film) producer Daniel Sadek who brought it out for the movie’s premiere.
Sadek was absolutely crushed stating
My dream car got destroyed

But after some alone time in his caravan he realised that there were more important things in life to focus on.
There has been no news of how the charity has faired up against the disaster. Let’s hope it’s not completely overshadowed by the wreck and will eventually receive some funding.
Redline on the other hand, couldn’t buy the type of publicity that Eddie Griffin crashing a Ferrari Enzo has provided. It’s probably worth more than 1.5 million alone, but maybe not worth a 1 in 400 exclusive muscle car.

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