Elgin WalMart Wont Open This Year 2009: Not Anything

Elgin WalMart wont open this year

You might not see anything happening at the corner of Randall and Bowes roads in Elgin.
But behind the scenes, Elgin officials and Wal-Mart representatives still are working on bringing the new super center to the Randall Road corridor. Originally, the store was scheduled to be open by now, but still no construction is happening on site. There has been delay after delay, with Wal-Mart officials first needing to work out plans for the busy intersection with the county’s transportation department. Once again, many of you have been calling and e-mailing wondering what’s happening and if the project is still even going forward. Especially with the warmer weather – you want to know why nothing is happening at the site. Ray Moller, director of economic development for the city of Elgin, said city officials still are working with Wal-Mart officials on finalizing the project.
They’ve looked at preliminary plans and are waiting to see the final plans, Moller said.

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