Eurovision 2009 Day 6 Press Conferences 2009: Romania Elena’s

Eurovision 2009 Day 6 Press Conferences

Romania went first.
Elenas rehearsal revealed a bit more about the way the song will be presented Elena makes her entrance on a throne. The delegation was pleased with the rehearsal and believes they are now ready for the semifinal next Tuesday. Of her participation in a celebrity dancing show in her native land, Elena said, "I took part, for a charity act together with my colleague, we got third position. You can see some clips about that on YouTube. My favourite dance style is salsa, as in Romania I sing Latino music and Im in love with this style.” Despite its up-tempo beat, the Finnish entry, Lose Control is about homelessness. A positive feeling among the Finnish delegation was backed up by their conference, where they expressed their satisfaction with the way the song comes across on the television. Another delegation happy with their progress is the Portuguese. In the press conference, lead singer Daniela Varela, was challenged to sing one of Portugals most popular entries, Lusitana Paixo from 1991. She responded with a remarkable rendition. Chiara wont reveal her outfit until the first dress rehearsal, although blue dominates the background. Chiara was very grateful to the crew for the work they have done, I am very satisfied with this background. "We are thankful to Channel One that they worked late into the night for us to fix the graphics, they are amazing now, exactly what we wanted. If I would win it would be my happiest day of my life, and I would fulfill my father’s dream. Malta would have a party for one year!” Press conferences can be a time for gifts and freebies to be given out, and over the years, there have been some unusual items distributed. At their conference, the Bosnians handed out medals of honour to the press as the band, Regina, regard themselves as soldiers of love. Carrying the hopes of the Irish are Sinad Mulvey & Black Daisy. Their song, Et Cetera, was composed by people from four different countries, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. Sinead her outfit for the semifinal, a sparkly catsuit. The Serbians wore the outfits that will be worn in the semifinal, which includes a yellow jacket for Marko to match his hair. The rehearsal caused Marko to sweat a lot but he said that it was not because of his dance routine but simply because I am fat.
The Poles were not completely happy with their first rehearsal, but were happier today. Health problems did not help their preparations. Their performance includes two ballet dancers.

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