ExDeKalb County CEO Is Still A Uniter 2009: Cloudy Atlanta

ExDeKalb County CEO is still a uniter

Cloudy The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Liane Levetan is more than a cheerleader for “Team DeKalb,” her multiyear plan to unite government, business and residents that
culminated in 1998 with the county’s designation as an All-America city. DeKalb County’s first female commissioner, who led the county for eight years as CEO, remains a not-so-behind-the-scenes player in everything from talk of new development in south DeKalb to a charity run to raise money for youth programs at the Marcus Jewish Community Center. And in the middle of it, she also has begun encouraging current county leaders to plan more projects that could earn the county one of the highest good governance awards out there for a second time. “That’s what makes my life interesting, staying involved and finding ways to encourage collaboration,” Levetan said. The 73-year-old served in the state Senate after term limits forced her out as DeKalb CEO in 2000. But she hasn’t bothered with public office since 2004, when she ran unsuccessfully for Congress.
Instead, she has focused on strengthening her ties to local groups and becoming more involved with the International Women’s Forum. As the group’s international treasurer, she leaves this week for a meeting in Hong Kong.

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