Discovery Brunch in Toronto: Shaping Healthcare Over Bottomless Mimosas

Raise your glass to a brighter future in healthcare!

In a bustling city like Toronto, where innovation meets opportunity, have you ever wondered about the future of healthcare? How can a simple act like enjoying brunch contribute to groundbreaking research and medical breakthroughs?

Enter the scene: Discovery Brunch, a gathering of 150 dynamic individuals driven by a shared passion for health and progress. Led by Future Sinai, these young leaders are not just attendees but catalysts for change. Their mission? To support Sinai Health’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, a beacon of hope in the fight against diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Join them, and together, let’s toast to a healthier tomorrow.


Play an important role in shaping our health care alongside 150 likeminded peers, at the most delicious networking event of the year. Discovery Brunch supports Sinai Health’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, one of Canada’s top biomedical research institutes. Every dollar we raise goes directly towards the infrastructure needed to make breakthrough discoveries and fight the most complex diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Who are we? Future Sinai is a group of young industry leaders based in Toronto. We are passionate about investing in our health. The best news is that we are just getting started. This event is 19+. Rain or shine, see you there!

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Sinai Health Foundation
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