Gilchrist Ball 2024: Elegance for Compassionate Care

Experience elegance at The Gilchrist Ball 2024, supporting compassionate care for Maryland’s seriously ill and end-of-life patients.

Hospice care provides compassionate support and pain management for terminally ill patients, ensuring their comfort and dignity in their final days. It also offers emotional and practical assistance to families during a difficult time. This specialized care focuses on enhancing the quality of life rather than prolonging it. Gilchrist, Maryland’s leading nonprofit provider of serious illness and end-of-life care, embodies these principles with a commitment to excellence and a focus on supporting patients and families through every stage of the journey.

As a continuation of their commitment to compassionate care, Gilchrist will host The Gilchrist Ball on December 7th, offering supporters an elegant evening to raise funds for their vital services. Attendees can anticipate a memorable night filled with live music, gourmet cuisine, and opportunities to contribute to Gilchrist’s compassionate mission, directly supporting those facing serious illness and end-of-life needs in Maryland.

Secure your spot now and be part of this meaningful event dedicated to enhancing the lives of those facing serious illness and end-of-life needs.

The Gilchrist Ball
Saturday, December 7, 2024
7:00 PM | Grand Lodge of Maryland

In 1994, a transformative philanthropic gift established Gilchrist. In 2024, we commemorate this incredible act of generosity and 30 years of providing serious illness and end of life care to the community. This year’s Gilchrist Ball will celebrate this important milestone and the commitment of so many who helped make Gilchrist what it is today.

Thank you for your support which honors the past and ensures the future of Gilchrist.

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