GJ Police Fire Departments To Race For Charity 2009: Streets Weekend

GJ police fire departments to race for charity

On the streets they help each other out, but this weekend, members of the Grand Junction Police Department and Grand Junction Fire Department will
compete against each other for a good cause. The winning team will donate all money raised from the event to a charity or charities of their choice. The race will consist of three 3-man teams. The race will start with six drivers, three members of the Peace Officers Association and three of the local firefighters organization. After 15 minutes, the teams will switch drivers wherever they are located on the track. “We’ve had a good response,” said Brian Frasier, a police officer and POA treasurer. “We’ve had to turn some (officers) away.” Frasier and Firefighters Local 2808 President Kevin Kuhlman have never tried kart racing and are excited about the event. “It looks like fun and it’s for a good cause,” Kuhlman said. “The more money we raise, the more we give back to the community.” Frasier and Kuhlman agreed they are considering donating some of the proceeds to the family of former Montrose police Sgt. Dave Kinterknecht, who was killed last month while responding to a domestic violence call.
Both associations have already raised $1,500 for local charities and hope to double it Saturday with donations from spectators and money raised from concessions served during the race.

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