Heartbeat Heroes: Join the Movement to End Heart Disease!

Stride towards healthier hearts, one step at a time, and be a part of the heartbeat of change.

In its centennial year, the American Heart Association continues its legacy of impactful strides against heart disease and stroke. The Palm Beach Heart Walk beckons, inviting all to join in the journey toward longer, healthier lives. Through research, CPR training, and medical breakthroughs, each step taken and every dollar donated fosters hope for a future free from cardiovascular ailments. With the collective strength of Bold Hearts™, the community has already achieved remarkable progress, but the journey towards a heart-healthy world is far from over. Join in this noble cause and register today to be a part of the ongoing fight against heart disease and stroke.

About the 2024 Palm Beach Heart Walk
For 100 years the American Heart Association has made a profound impact through bold moves. Throughout the past century, the American Heart Association has been recognized that we’re all tied to heart disease and stroke in some way, and we must change that. With your help, we can keep working to ensure all people can enjoy longer, healthier lives.

By registering for the Heart Walk today, you are taking the first step to save lives. Every walker who joins, every dollar donated means more research, more people trained in lifesaving CPR, more medical breakthroughs and more champions for equitable health

Join us in the next chapter of our relentless work to end heart disease and stroke. With Bold Hearts™, all of us have raised millions of dollars to improve health and quality of life for everyone, transformed communities, and significantly reduced heart disease and stroke death rates. And we’re just getting started.

Join us today by registering now!

Embark on a journey towards healthier hearts and vibrant lives by joining the Palm Beach Heart Walk. Lace up your shoes, register now, and be part of the movement to save lives!

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