Holmes Steps Up To Dance 2009: Dance Phoenix

Holmes steps up to Dance

“So You Think You Can Dance” was in Phoenix over the weekend auditioning the region’s best and most delusional hoofers for next year’s season.
But back at “Dance” headquarters in Hollywood, producers were gearing up for a special appearance from Suri Cruise stylist Katie Holmes. “It’s about a charity, (but) I do not have the status,” producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe tells People magazine. He adds that producers are still awaiting an official IRS okeydoke before making more announcements. Rumor has Lythgoe directing Holmes in choreography by show regular Tyce Diorio in a tribute to Judy Garland’s “Get Happy.” “Katie is a small part of what is going on,” Lythgoe says. “It’s more than Katie.” Ed McMahon’s publicist says a celebration of the late “Tonight” show sidekick, who died last Tuesday, is set for Wednesday. Howard Bragman tells the Associated Press that NBC will host the untelevised event, scheduled to be held at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. “Twilight” fans: Prepare to squee.
Mattel is launching a line of “Twilight” Barbie dolls with toy versions of Bella Swan and glitter vamp Edward Cullen. Bella has Kristen Stewart’s dark hair and Edward has Robert Pattinson’s piercing eyes, according to the New York Daily News.

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